Ford Venom: The Concept truck design

One of the coolest things you can ever do in this world is brand a really KICK A$$ truck. We decided to create our own Ford Concept Truck brand based off of the F-150’s Raptor. The first thing we knew right out of the gate, was that the name had to be or resemble something dangerous, and also something in nature. Just like the “Raptor”, we created a concept brand called the “Venom”. The Ford Venom would be designed to be a higher-level sports performance truck (like the Raptor), and would instead be modeled after a venomous snake (cobra or viper). The truck would only come in 3 different color ways, each of which resemble that of a cobra or viper. The colors are “Phantom Black”, “Venom Green”, and “Cloak White”. Two of the three color ways will be neutral (an off-black and an off-white), with one outlandish “Venom Green” for the ones who truly want to show their venomous side. This performance vehicle would have branding included a newly enhanced “Ford” logo, as well as a tagline of “Can you feel it?”. This Ford Venom is our concept brand similar to the F-150 Raptor. 

Ford Venom - logo concepts 3
ford venom truck colorways concept
Ford Venom Side
black venom fender mockup
Ford Venom Green
Ford Venom - Neutral
Ford Venom - back - green
Ford Venom - back - black
Ford Venom - Black (Side) 2
ford venom mockup display2
ford venom outside display
ford venom mockup magazine