Aaron Taylor is a Michigan native, currently living in South Florida. After college, Aaron worked as a tax accountant at a CPA firm that specialized in equestrian riders and businesses. During his time in tax accounting, he started his own small businesses that he would build in his off time. He would begin building upon those businesses, many of which did not succeed. In 2012, Aaron began working with Parlanti as an operations manager. With the massive success of implementations made to Parlanti, Aaron was promoted to Vice President of Parlanti in 2013. From 2013 to 2015, Aaron used tactics from his prior businesses to drive the Parlanti brand to global stardom, and sales figures to over 800% in a two year span. While working with Parlanti, Aaron created Lexicon Universal Media, which was a marketing agency that was behind the initial explosion of Parlanti. In 2015, he left Parlanti to dedicate more time to his marketing agency. in 2016, Aaron dissolved Lexicon Universal Media and created NewStyle Digital.

• President & Founder, NewStyle Digital (2016-present)
• Co-Founder, Legacy Golf Apparel (2021-present)
• President, Personally Preppy (2018-present)
• Vice President, Parlanti (2013-2015)
• President & Founder, Lexicon Universal Media (2013-2016)
• Operations Manager, Parlanti (2012-2013)
• President, Chuck Diesel Productions (2008-2010)
• Tax Accountant, Accounting & Tax Office (2008-2012)

• Florida Atlantic University (2008-2009)
• Arizona State University (2006-2008)
• Ferris State University (2005-2006)
• Grosse Ile High School (2002-2005)