Facebook Ad Hacks To Help Your Ecommerce Company Skyrocket

Facebook Ad Hacks To Help Your Ecommerce Company Skyrocket


Hoping for hefty ecommerce growth in the upcoming year? If so, you may want to evaluate your Facebook advertising strategy. If you’re not using these 5 tactics below, you may want to start.


Focus on the Headline

Did you know over half of all Facebook users share content after merely reading the headline? Yeah, a headline has big power, especially in an ecommerce ad. Really take your time in cultivating a good one as it could be just the thing you need to hook in a new or even current audience. Do what you can to include special offers and make good use of power words. Remember that decisions made online are often made emotionally, so try your best to use your headline as a way to appeal to your consumers humanity.


Place Your Product Image on White Backgrounds

Who is going to buy a product they can’t see? Not me, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone else who would. It’s a good idea to place the product image you are trying to sell on a white background (unless of course, the product is white!). The basic rule in all this is make sure your product will pop on whatever background it’s resting on. The clearer the image, the more likely someone is to click it and then buy it. It’s just a fact. Following the rule of thirds is also a good strategy to help enable more user clicks and make someone more inclined to check out your ecommerce site overall.


Add a Call To Action

You may be wondering why this is even on our list, but honestly, this is one of the most overlooked tactics in ecommerce ad campaigns. It’s especially easy to follow this step now that Facebook has numerous call to action options, such as Learn More, Shop Now, and Sign Up. So, our advice? Just do it!


Think Wisely About Facebook Ad Placement

Facebook now offers a wide variety of options on where you can place your ad. Try out a couple different spots and see where you find the most success. Then, go from there. Remember to update your imagery regularly and freshen the copy every now and again.


Perfect Your Targeting

Studies have shown that approximately 60% of people prefer to buy from a brand they know and trust. Take this into account when planning your targeting. Focus on previous customers, and those who have visited or almost purchased on your site before. Chances are, if they once were interested, they’ll be interested again. In addition, not only should you target people who have previously bought from your ecommerce site, you should target those with similar behaviors as they also would be likely to buy from your site at some point in the future.



Gaining ecommerce success through Facebook advertising is very possible. Are you using any of these strategies currently in your advertisements? Do you think anything else should be added to our list?

If you are interesting in transforming your ecommerce site, or changing your Facebook ad strategy, contact us today!

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