How To Create The Best Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is defined as the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. With helpful online tools like MailChimp and Sender, it’s never been easier to take advantage of this useful strategy. So, where can you begin with email marketing? How can you make it the best? Well, we’re about to answer both those questions and more right now!

Sender Lists

First things first, it doesn’t matter how great your email blast is if no one is seeing it. Before getting too in-depth into email marketing strategies, be sure you have a set sender list! Start with a strong base. You can always add to this later on (and you’ll want to keep it growing). You can get email contacts through Facebook advertising, forms on your website, friends/family, and more! Don’t be afraid to ask for contacts as your blast will only work if appealing to the right audiences.

Focus on the Subject Line

Your subject line will likely be the reason someone opens or deletes your email. So, make it a good one! Don’t be afraid to use eye-catching statements and “accessories”, like emojis and exclamation points. Limit the characters and make sure that the subject doesn’t “fake out” the readers. In other words, tell the truth! Don’t just make something up to get your consumers to open the email. If they recognize you used “click bait”, they are less likely to trust or read your businesses emails moving forward.

Keep it Simple

Yes, standing out is important (and we’ll get to how to do this). Yet, it’s also hugely important to keep your email campaign as simple and organized as possible. Stick to readable, “safe” fonts above all else. Make your message clear through BOLD headlines and easy to navigate links.

Think about it, if you’re trying to encourage quick purchases or a chance to learn more about your business, links are everything! Make sure they all go to the right location and are easily clickable.

In addition, keep your ad copy simple. It can be tempting to go on and on about how great your product or service may be, but share the bragging for your website! Keep this copy quick, simple, and easy.

Lastly, use a thought out color scheme so you’ll know you won’t have too much going on, as this can be distracting to the eye. Our advice? Stick your business colors. This will help to reinforce your uniformed brand.


You’re trying to appeal to a certain audience, right? Make sure your email blast is customized just for them! You can do this by watching your customers habits. What do they like about your business? What are they most interested in learning more about? Use your research to create the perfect blast for them!

Plus, depending on your sending outlet, there could be an option for a personalization field in the “to” section. If so, take advantage of this. The more customized you can make your email template, the better outcome you’ll likely have.

Remember Quality Over Quantity

Did you know the average officer worker gets over 121 emails per day? Hence, the importance of limiting your email marketing campaigns.

Remember, people have signed up for your newsletters because they WANT to hear from you. However, there’s no need to take advantage of this. Use email blasts sparingly as a chance to promote and sell. Don’t just send emails to send emails. Make sure everything has a purpose! We recommend no more than one to two blasts per week (if sending weekly).

Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

Now THIS is an important step. If your emails aren’t mobile-friendly, quite honestly, you may as well not bother even sending them at all.

Studies show that over 46% of emails are opened on mobile phones. That’s quite a number! You don’t want to alienate all those opens by looking unprofessional. Send a test email and make sure it’s compatible with both a desktop and a cell phone. Platforms like MailChimp and Sender usually make this simple to achieve.


We could go on and on about email marketing strategies, but we hope the 6 we’ve listed above help you get off on the right foot. If you’re looking for more assistance cultivating these, work with us today!


Have more to add to our list? Comment your suggestions below!

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