Dorothy Draper & Co.

Dorothy Draper & Company, founded by the iconic interior designer Dorothy Draper in the early 1920s, revolutionized the world of interior design. Draper’s bold use of vibrant colors, oversized patterns, and dramatic contrasts became her signature style, setting her apart in an era dominated by traditional design. Her fearless approach transformed homes, hotels, and public spaces into vibrant, theatrical showcases, earning her the title of “America’s most fabulous decorator.” Draper’s company continued to thrive even after her passing in 1969, carrying on her legacy and influential design principles that continue to inspire the world of interior design to this day.

Carleton Varney, a distinguished interior designer and late president of Dorothy Draper & Company, emerged as a luminary in the design world, renowned for his flamboyant and vivacious style. Building upon Dorothy Draper’s legacy, Varney expanded the company’s reach, infusing his own vibrant and eclectic aesthetic into countless prestigious projects worldwide. With an eye for bold colors, lavish patterns, and grandiosity, Varney’s designs encapsulate an exuberant spirit, transforming spaces into captivating and whimsical realms. His career spanning decades has solidified his position as an influential figure in interior design, leaving an indelible mark on the industry with his daring creativity and unwavering dedication to aesthetics that truly delight the senses.

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