Parlanti: There can only be one

The Driver: There Can Only Be One.

We created the campaign driver “There Can Only Be One” as a way to define Parlanti’s history, legacy and approach to creating their various lines of riding boots. In an ever-growing industry lead by mass-production and profit-seeking, Parlanti has refused to diverge from their roots in creating only the highest-quality products, as if each and every boot was a hand-crafted work of art. Parlanti’s equestrian masterpieces are often replicated by competitors, but never duplicated. When it comes to Parlanti, there can only be one.

The Theme: Minimal and Artisan.

The unspoken beauty of Parlanti lies within a highly complex process to create a boot that looks and functions in such a simplistic and elegant fashion. We built a theme around the brand that replicates this beauty; one of minimalism and artisanship. While maintaining sleek and modern imagery, we crafted the theme to blend the complicated art of Parlanti craftsmanship with how the world sees it, simplistic and beautiful in all its form.

The Website: More Beautiful and Functional Than Ever.

We designed and developed the new Parlanti website to be more beautiful and functional than it has ever been. With pixel-perfect imagery and an array of intelligent user-experience features that bring the user-based shopping experience to life. From custom thematics to an entirely new set of website branding elements, we reflected a heightened sense of style and sophistication in a simplistic way. The back-end of the website is jam-packed full of features that allow the internal staff to manage orders, products, inventory and customer service inquiries better and faster than ever.


Digital Campaigns: Speaking Without Talking.

We created and managed a series of digital campaigns that drive Parlanti’s new thematics and messaging to new and prospective Parlanti followers and clientele alike. Utilizing style and imagery, we crafted messaging that speaks volumes without even saying a word. When you’re one of a kind, there can only be one.

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