10 Ways To Spice Up Your Social Media Content

10 Ways To Spice Up Your Social Media Content

The world of social media is constantly changing, and it’s up to you to change your strategies with it! Looking for some ways to keep your content fresh? NewStyle Digital is here to help.

User-Generated Content

First things first, using user-generated content is extremely easy and helpful. Notice others tagging your product or service in their own Instagram photos? Use this! It’s a quick and simple practice to help spotlight your customers and show others that you’re a well liked and trustworthy brand. You can encourage your followers to do this by requesting they tag you when they get their order!

Ask Questions/Use Polls

Consumers love to know that companies are taking their ideas and opinions to heart. You can do this by asking questions, or polling your audience either through standard postings or via stories. Not only will this help diversify your content, it will also give you an idea of what your consumers are interested in, and what posting styles are working for you.

Take Advantage of Trending Topics

The best ideas come when you least expect them. Do your best to keep up with what is going on in your industry, and the world in general. It’s good to hop on trending topics whenever possible to help increase visibility and while you have a limited window to get these posts out there, they can also do wonders for your page when done efficiently and regularly. This kind of content doesn’t have to be done in the current moment either. You can get your posts ready ahead of time for planned events (that will become trending topics), such as The Superbowl and upcoming holidays.

Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes into your office to give your followers a taste of what your company is like on a day to day basis. You can do this by showing off photos of your office, introducing your employees, and spotlighting events that your staff may be participating in.

Share Tips

Have knowledge to give? Share the wealth via your social media pages! Tips can be a good way to break up your content and get away from that daily promo routine. Plus, you’re showing your audience that you are a knowledgeable company within your industry, and eager to help your viewers grow and learn in whatever ways possible.


Imagery is important, but videos are often even better! You can incorporate videos into your social media either through customer reviews, ‘how to’ tutorials, or through creative promotions. It’s an innovative and eye-catching way to grab your viewers attention.

Tag A Friend

Encourage your users to tag a friend on your social postings. This brings in new faces to your page and offers your followers a chance to engage, which is always a great thing.

Go Live

Did you know people spend three times longer watching Facebook videos live, as opposed to pre-recorded ones. You can use this avenue as an opportunity to answer your followers questions and educate your audience further on what’s happening in your industry.

Promote a Giveaway

There’s nothing users like more than free products. Looking to engage and show them their appreciated? Run a giveaway! This is sure to attract both new and current users to your page, hence helping you build your social presence, and potentially gain more business!

Watch Your Analytics

Okay, so this isn’t exactly “content creation”, but it is important to do. You can’t find out what works and what doesn’t work unless you study the numbers. Be sure to keep up on how your posts are doing on social media. If you notice a drop in likes or engagement, it’s probably not the right type of content for your audience. If you notice users engaging and liking what you’re saying, you know to keep up the great work.


Don’t make it harder than it is. Spicing up your social media content is as simple as utilizing new tools and techniques. Need advice? Contact us today.

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