5 Web Design Trends Expected to Dominate in 2020


It’s easy to say 2020 has had a rough start. However, as digital marketers and designers, we look forward to what this new decade may bring for our industry. So, what’s at the top of the list you may ask? It’s simple-striking new website design features and trends. Without further adieu, let’s jump right in.

Join The Dark Side

Initiating dark mode…now!

You may have already noticed (or begun to use) the “dark mode” feature on your smartphone. It can be gentler on the eyes, plus it has a futuristic look that just makes it appeal out right cool. (Here at NewStyle Digital, we’re big fans of this.)

Websites seem to be following this trend in 2020. Pair a dark background of a website with bright, neon, or stand out colors, and boom, you’ve got the quite the digital experience. From a web designer and developer standpoint, a visually smooth appearance is what often keeps users from navigating to another site. Something to keep in mind if you’re looking to re-design anytime soon.

Back To Basics

If you’re not looking to go the futuristic route, never fear. 2020 is bringing back nostalgia.

From hand drawn elements, to static cartoons, to 1970s color schemes, we’re bringing basics back! A lot of web designers aim for a classic, minimalistic appearance. Well, viola, here you have it!

We’re already seeing a huge shift in pop-culture trends. From high waisted jeans, to 80s themed Stranger Things, it’s no surprise that websites are the next tool to tackle. Do a little Google searching and you’re sure to find some easy inspiration.

The Bigger the Better

When it comes to typography, going larger than life is something to be proud of in 2020.

Bigger fonts often make a quick attention grabber right from the start. Plus, large typography is relatively easy to integrate into any site. We specifically recommend this tactic for those in a creative field. Don’t ask us why, but this is where we often see these kind of typefaces being integrated.

As advertisers, we love this trend. It reminds us of traditional print posters back in the 1950s (hint, hint nostalgia). However, depending on your font selection, this can also come off as very modern and sleek. The possibilities are endless.

Neon Glow

Websites are aiming to get flashier and bolder. What better way to do this than to throw in some neon glow?

Neon elements + dark background = designer heaven. We’re serious! Dark mode aside, neon tends to provide that futuristic, ahead of the curb vibe as well. Combining the two elements just sets your business up for the ultimate success.

Geometry Has Never Looked Better

Who knew geometry could look so good? Well, apparently 2020!

Geometric shapes are taking on a whole new purpose in web design. Expect to see a lot more stripes, triangles, circles, squares, etc. in upcoming websites. You may not even notice these shapes sliding in, but trust us when we say, they are there!

To be honest, we like this trend just as much as the other ones. It’s subtle, but still helps to provide for that minimalistic, clean aesthetic we seem to all be going for. So, go ahead. Go crazy by adding some shapes into the mix!


It’s closing time. To summarize, futuristic or retro is the way to go. Take your pick.

We hope these 5 trends have given you some inspiration to spice up your company site. If you’re looking for help with anything web design or development related, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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