6 Crucial Web Design Elements Your Site Must Contain


When it comes to web design, there are certain elements that a successful site must contain in order to make for an efficient user experience. What are they? Well, we’ll tell you!

About Us

Who are you? What do you stand for? How do you define your brand? These answers all belong in your ‘about us’ section on your website. This can also be a place to share testimonials, customer success stories, and more. However, don’t get too caught up on this page. The about us section tends to become long and lengthy, so pick your most important aspects and make them known.

Call To Action

Did you know 70% of businesses do NOT have a call to action (CTA) listed on their website? Often times, the purpose of a website is to make a sale, provide information, and gain new contacts, so make sure your web design includes a CTA feature in order to make all this possible. Do your best to put your CTA in a highly visible place with clear, easy to follow instructions, such as buy now, call us, or sign up. You can input a CTA through clickable buttons or a signup form-however you prefer!

Informational Footer

A footer allows for your viewer to easily access information, while still keeping design clean, and simple, since the footer is located at the bottom of your page. A footer’s location makes it the perfect body to contain contact information, a small site map, and other helpful links to aspects of your site. Our pro tip? Make it easy to use! The design element isn’t meant to be the main focus of your page so it’s okay to keep it minimal and right to the point.


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, why not make imagery a crucial aspect of your web design? Here at NewStyle Digital, we believe a small set of photographs can work wonders for your company’s website design. It can show people your products, team, and more, without ever having to read a single thing! Rely on custom images (rather than stock) for a unique visual experience.


It’s crucial that you have contact information listed clearly on your website. You’d be surprised how often this feature is missed, and studies show users who are unable to find valid contact information will leave your site almost instantly. Do yourself a favor and make this a whole separate section or page within your website as to avoid missing it.

Web Fonts

Last but not least, web fonts are a crucial design element that can not be missed when designing a company site. Typefaces like Courier New, or the dreaded Comic Sans are overdone and outdated. Bring your site to a whole new level by using unique and stylish fonts starting today!


Don’t overthink it! As long as your website contains the right information in a user-friendly way and visually pleasing way, you’re all set! Kick back and watch your site work its magic!

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