7 Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid


It’s no surprise that Facebook ads are a crucial tool in helping your business gain visibility, engagement, leads, and overall success. However, if you’re new to Facebook advertising, it’s easy to slip up along the way. Put your money to good use by working to avoid these mistakes listed below.

Incorrect Targeting

With Facebook, the targeting options are nearly endless, and can be extremely useful if you know how to use them properly. Think wisely when going through your targeting setup. Ask yourself, what kind of person would be interested in this product or service? Use custom audiences and re-targeting for the best chance at success. However, don’t get too lost here. The whole point of targeting is to help narrow your reach down. Do your best to make sure your ad is visible, while still being specific.

Using The Wrong Ad Type

From slideshows to carousels, to videos and collections, there are a multitude of ad types for you to choose from. Plus, there are also numerous ways to showcase your ad and several objective choices that would affect its visibility as well. Do your research on what type of ad would be best for your product or service. Also, look for which outlet would be most cost-effective. Depending on your objective, this will help you choose a proper ad type.

Not Running A/B Testing

A/B testing is the practice of switching up different aspects of your ad to see what works and what doesn’t. In short, it’s a way of telling what version of a similar Facebook ad runs best. If you don’t try several options, how will you know what works and what doesn’t?

Not Refreshing Your Creatives

Every get tired of seeing the same advertisement pop up on your feed? Well, there’s a way to make yourself visible without looking repetitive. Switch up your ad copy from time to time. You can say the same message using different words or images and this helps bring in a new crowd of viewers.

Incorrect Use Of A Landing Page

Not every Facebook ad needs a landing page, so it’s important to know when and how to use one effectively. Promoting a new product? Landing page. Trying to drive others to a specific event? Landing page. Promoting your overall business? No need for a landing page. Simply send those viewers to your website directly.

If you do choose to use a landing page, make sure it has the proper information on it and runs quickly.

Failure To Check Up On Your Ad

Analytics are huge when it comes to seeing how a Facebook ad did. You are using your money to run these, so you’ll want to know how they are performing. If you go too long without checking in on your ad, it could be costing you way more than you think, while not producing desired results. Though patience is a virtue, and ads do need time to work, it’s also vital to keep track of how they are performing.

Not Following Advertising Policies

Facebook ads can be sensitive and Facebook is somewhat picky about what can and what can’t run. Do your best to make sure your ad doesn’t go against any advertising policies, a.k.a, no copyright infringement, nudity, profanity, illegal substances, or use of the word Facebook. Yes, we’re serious.


Utilize Facebook advertising! When done correctly, it can be an extremely helpful and beneficial source for your business.

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