Blogging: Your Business Needs It.


Some will tell you blogging is outdated and unnecessary. Others will say it is one of the main elements in forming digital marketing success.  I tend to agree with the ladder of the two statements, and here’s why.


Helps To Build Consumer Trust

Here at NewStyle Digital, we’re big fans of blogging for several reasons. The first would be the way they aid in building consumer trust. Would you seek guidance on any topic from someone who is not an expert in that field? No, you wouldn’t! Blogs show your consumers that you are well educated on numerous subjects related to your area of expertise. Blogging opens the door for conversation, and makes your business that much more credible allowing your consumers to build trust.


Works To Improve Google Ranking

It’s simple. Blogging works to boost your SEO, making you more likely to end up on the top of Google and improve your ranking. How? It’s all in the way you blog! You can optimize your SEO efforts by including images, linking back to your website and linking to other relevant websites, and utilizing keywords throughout your post.


Helps To Drive Traffic To Your Website (A.K.A more leads)

Your blog post is on your website. If your blog is driving traffic, there is more of chance someone winds up looking at your business as a whole. So, what does this mean for you? Not only does it mean an increase in traffic, it could mean an increase in sales, and at the very least, a substantial increase in leads! The possibilities are truly endless.


Aids in Social Media Posting

Not sure what to post on your company’s social media pages today? Try using your fantastic new blog post for inspiration! Sharing what you write not only helps to drive in traffic and boost SEO, it also allows you to mix up your social media postings, while still using authentic content done by yours truly. It also encourages engagement as people may be more likely to see and comment on a post via social media.


Create Opportunities for Sharing

Ever shared a post you found relevant or connected with emotionally? If so, it just proves my point that blogging creates opportunities for sharing, which will once again, help to boost SEO and Google rankings. Whether the sharing is done on social media, or the blog post directly, the result is still the same.



Blogging may just be one of the many ways to get ahead in digital marketing, but it is not an area to be overlooked. When was the last time you wrote a company blog? After reading this one, in what areas do you think you could work to improve?

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