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When it comes to developing, marketing, and advertising some of the world’s best known equestrian brands, no one in the industry has left a bigger mark or bigger shoes to fill. Our expertise in equestrian marketing is extensive and has only evolved to be stronger, smarter, and more efficient. We have driven equestrian brands from out of their garages onto the worldwide stage through planning and executing cutting-edge digital marketing and advertising strategies that were far before their time. Over the years, we have continued to learn, grow, adapt, and innovate within the equestrian sports marketing arena, which has only helped us drive our equestrian brands into the spotlight.

What Makes Us Different

NewStyle Digital’s roots are in the financial arena and with that experience, comes an advantageous strength in understanding how business models should work as well as increasing the effectivity in our decision-making on the marketing stage. We understand what marketing avenues and strategies make sense financially to create brand-equity and meet brand goals. Furthermore, our ability to find ultra-creative solutions to extremely difficult problems allows us to exceed expectations with our clients in a multitude of avenues. The ‘secret sauce’ to our success within equestrian marketing is our experience and our feats outside of the equestrian marketing genre. Many people do not know that we actually work with a multitude of other marketing and advertising agencies, and through this, we have been able to work with some of the world’s largest companies through our partner agencies. Although we cannot list our partner’s clients on our website as our clients, we have faced unbelievable adversity and sticky situations with some of these large companies, and have come up with cutting-edge solutions that have exceeded expectations across the board. Our knowledge and expertise of working in high-stress and cut-throat environments outside of the equestrian world has helped us become a marketing powerhouse within the equestrian world. However, our biggest strength is our desire to always be learning new things, staying ahead of the marketing game, and being the first to lead into the unknown with confidence and reassurance.


Equestrian Marketing is Beyond a Niche

When we have introductory calls with potential clients, we typically hear the same friction points within their current or previous marketing & advertising agencies. The main issue equestrian companies and brands find when working with a digital marketing agency is the correlation of marketing & advertising knowledge to their understanding of the in-depth disciplines of the equestrian sports world. Marketing agencies that are globally known may be very good at marketing and advertising, but what they don’t understand is the intricate details of equestrian sport disciplines. Not all equestrian sports are created equal, and with each discipline comes a different audience, different demographics, different geolocations, and different mentalities. Unlike many sports outside of the equestrian world, equestrian sports are not easy to learn and understand. There is no way an advertising agency could acquire an equestrian client and then figure out the different disciplines of the equestrian sport over the weekend. There are too many facets and too much research, and they would fail miserably. NewStyle Digital has been engulfed in the equestrian world for decades, and our understanding of the nuances and specifics of each equestrian sport discipline.

Inversely, we also see a lot of clients questioning the marketing knowledge of equestrian marketing agencies who do understand horse sports. They may have knowledge of equestrian sport disciplines, but they have never worked in marketing to the degree that the company or brand needs or feels comfortable with. This is where we are the perfect crossover, as we understand the equestrian sport as well as having worked with house-hold names outside of the equestrian world that makes marketing in the equestrian world seem like a walk in the park.

Equestrian sports are beyond a niche.


The Powerhouse Factor: A Dream Team

As a digital marketing and advertising agency, we understand that we cannot do every single marketing service in existence at the top-level. There are certain facets of marketing and advertising that we need to have access to in order to provide our equestrian clients with the best service possible. This is why we have partnered with the industry leader in equestrian public relations: Phelps Media Group. Phelps Media Group is the dominant force of equestrian public relations, providing photography, videography, show coverage, event coverage, email campaigns, press releases, marketing strategy, sponsorship management, and more. In essence, these are all of the things that we don’t do as well in this arena. Apart, we are a puzzle piece with edges missing. Together, we are the complete picture. This partnership with PMG has helped us provide a better full-coverage service to our clients, and has helped PMG clients provide their clients with the services that we are dominant within. The extensive and cutting-edge services that we provide as a team marks us an absolute powerhouse within the equestrian marketing stage.


Our Equestrian Marketing Services

Our equestrian marketing services extend to:


Our Equestrian Marketing Clients

A few of our equestrian marketing clients include: Parlanti Riding Boots, Kask Equestrian, Kingsland Equestrian, Traverse City Horse Shows, Triple M Farms, Sterling Equine, Washington International Horse Show, Maelort & Co, Equis Boutique, Phelps Media Group, Kentucky Horse Shows, Upperville Colt & Horse Show, Equinety, R.J. Classics, American Equus, Equo, Flex-On, BoneKare, Lorenzini, Horse Gym 2000, Weston Davis DVM, Equestrian Empire, Memo Gracida, Paula Matute, and many more.

You can view our entire client list here: Our Clients.

You can view equestrian marketing projects we’ve worked on here: Work.


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Washington International Horse Shows Website


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