Facebook Advertising Hacks (2018) – How to Reduce Costs and Boost ROI


Facebook advertising is one of the most popular forms of digital advertising in the history of the internet, and with good reason. The options, settings, and detailed criteria available for marketers within this space are almost endless, and with endless options comes endless confusion. Within this endless confusion, lies great opportunity.

We’ve seen the array of issues that business and marketers have in regards to the success (or failures) of their Facebook campaigns. A common scenario is a business that is running their Facebook advertising campaigns, and after a few months, they start to realize that they’ve spent thousands of dollars and have nothing to show for it. After they try frantically to recover, it’s already too late, and they’re lost faith in Facebook advertising.

Another scenario is a company who is running their own Facebook ads, and is seeing an ROI, but the ROI is not high enough to be seen as a viable marketing channel, and then they give up. This is probably the most common scenario we deal with when consulting new clients.

If you’re new to Facebook Advertising, then this article may be a bit advanced for you. If you are familiar with running Facebook ads, then you’ll get some great insight on how to reduce costs and boost ROI on your Facebook advertising campaigns with these cool Facebook advertising hacks (2018).

Optimize Your Landing Pages

If you want to boost your ROI, then you need to tackle the mechanics first. The mechanics being your landing pages, product pages, or whatever page you’re sending your target audience to in order to convert. Optimizing your landing pages for speed, user experience, relevance, and keyword density can greatly drive down your Facebook advertising costs drastically by increasing your Quality Score: the relevance of your content to your ad copy and target audience.

Utilize the Facebook Pixel

If you aren’t utilizing the Facebook Pixel, then you’re missing out on the best part of Facebook’s advertising tools. The Facebook Pixel doesn’t just track the users on your website, but it actually collects data from your conversion actions and cross-references the attributes of those who convert back to your Facebook ad campaigns. If you want to boost your ROI, you need to be optimizing your Facebook campaigns for conversions with the Facebook Pixel

Build a Larger Facebook Following

There is a direct link between your ad costs (CPM or CPC) and the amount of followers on your Facebook page. The less followers your have, the more likely your ad costs will increase. Facebook assumes that if your company is larger and more trustworthy, your ads are more likely to be relevant and therefore, your advertising costs will drop. Run targeted “like” campaigns and build your Facebook fan base before running your big Facebook Ad campaigns for conversions. Trust me on this one.

Use the Right Audience Size

If your audience is too wide or too narrow, then Facebook will not be able to correctly gather enough data to serve your ads to the right people properly. You need to ensure that your audience is not too small or not too large. A standard rule of thumb is around a total audience of 1,000,000 people. If you are drastically higher or lower than this number, you may want to re-evaluate your decisions (unless you know what you’re doing). Once Facebook has enough gathered data about your conversion audience, then your CPA will decrease drastically and so will your ROI.

Optimize Your Ad Copy

The more relevant your the copy of your ad is to your landing pages and audience, the less you’ll pay per click or per impression. Don’t try too be “too cute” with your ad-copy and creative, and stick within a close distance of the basics. If you stray too far away from the relevance of your landing pages and audience, then your ad costs will start to skyrocket, and you’ll be in trouble fast. Use the same general keywords in your ad copy that are contained within your landing pages, and watch your costs drop.

Always use A/B Testing

A/B testing your Facebook ads is essential to continually optimizing your campaigns, and driving your CPA down and your ROI up. Always create at least 2 different versions of your ad within an ad set to test which ad performs better. From that point, you can remove the cost-heavy ad, and replace it with a new ad that you can test against the better-performing ad. This is how you optimize your ads to drive conversions at a lower cost over time.

Never Cheap-Out on Creative

Never cheap on your creatives, ever. Having crisp and beautiful ad images is essential to driving your CTR through the roof and getting people to engage with your ad. Nothing is worse than seeing a Facebook ad that is blurry, boring, dull, or irrelevant. Those types of ads will not perform to your needs and most people will likely not even click on them. Always use quality creatives for your ads.


Advertising as a whole is a psychological game, and Facebook advertising is no different. The difference between physical advertising (billboards, print, etc) and digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc) is that you are not only in a psychological war with the consumer, but with the channel itself. You need to give Facebook what it wants, as well as the viewer. And if you can do both, then you’ll be successful. If you can’t, your ad costs will soar. Use the Facebook Advertising Hacks listed above to your advantage, start lowering your ad costs, and start boosting your ROI now.



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