Five major company websites that were hacked and exploited in 2017


2017 has been a big year for website hackers, and this trend has continued to grow year after year. Website hackers are always on the prowl for an easy target and website security for any major website or corporation needs to be treated with the highest level of priority. Although security measures must be taken, a truly skilled hacker will always find a way in. When a major company of website gets hacked and exploited, they can lose an immense amount of customers, viewers, sales dollars, and can even ultimately lead to the demise of the company. Hackers will hack and exploit major websites and companies for a variety of reasons that include:


  • To steal credit card information of users and sell it online.
  • To steal personal data (emails, etc) and sell them to mailing list services.
  • For personal gratification.
  • Political or religious views of corporate officers or executives.
  • To gain a reputation within the hacking community.


So far in 2017, over 20 major corporate website have been hacked and exploited. Here are the top 5:


1 – Equifax

If you have a credit report, there is a good chance that you are one of the 143 million people who’s sensitive personal information was breached at Equifax. Read the full story here.


2 – DailyMotion

DailyMotion has admitted that in 2017 their website was hacked and over 85 million user accounts containing personal information were extracted from the website. Read the full story here.


3 – Brazzers

The adult pay website Brazzers has admitted that in 2017 one of their forums were hacked and over 800,000 usernames, passwords, and email addresses were compromised. Read the full story here.


4 – Instagram

In 2017, an Instagram hack that involved a bug has affected millions of Instagram users including many popular celebrities. It is said that the hackers have taken the phone numbers from user profiles and sold them to advertising agencies. Read the full story here.


5 – Snapchat

Over 1.7 million user accounts and personal information were compromised when the CEO of Snapchat claimed that they would not bring Snapchat to “poor counties”. In retaliation, the Snapchat App was hacked and 1.7 million user accounts were hacked and compromised. Read the full story here.

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