Guidelines to SEO Copywriting in 2020


Looking for your biggest SEO growth yet in 2020? Well, your results heavily rely on your copywriting skills, and luckily for you, we’re here with the must know rules behind the strategy!

Understand the Importance of Keyword Intent

So, when we say keyword intent, what do we even mean? Why is this important to SEO copywriting in 2020? First things first, keyword intent is the ability to understand the idea or reasoning behind a persons search. Without this understanding, it’s very hard to choose the proper verbiage or even comprehend what to write in the first place. You can practice understanding keyword intent by looking up your own inquiries related to your business or field. Look out for the way other companies are phrasing their copywrite and go from there.

Keep it Simple

SEO copywriting is NOT the time to show how creative of a writer you can be, but rather a time to cut right to the chase. Think to yourself, what is the purpose of this page, and what is some quick, relevant information that can go in my meta description. In addition to this, do your best to mention the most important keywords somewhat early on as you want this to be the first thing a user sees when they look up the topic.

Answer Questions

Look up frequently asked questions relevant to the topics your business covers. See what your audience is asking and how you can relate it back to what you do through your copy. Not only is it smart to answer questions, it’s smart to title your page in question format as well, since that could be the exact verbiage a user uses when typing their search. With this, craft a meta description that entices a person to your page further.

Look at Current Rankings

Conduct a search using relevant keywords and find out what is currently ranking for your industry. Then, take this information and use it either on your company page or in your post (wherever you are trying to link back to). When conducting your research, look out for how other posts are performing. If they are getting a good response, consider implementing similar tactics and strategies into your SEO copywriting tactics.

Use Easy to Understand Language

While we said keep it simple before (in reference to the actual selection of keywords), we also meant keep it easy to understand. Avoid making sentences too lengthy or using colorful, difficult to understand verbiage. You want your text to appeal to the general public, so use language that nearly everyone could grasp. This will help draw in a bigger crowd to your pages.

Create Shareable Content and Encourage It.

Not only should you be writing content you know your reader would like to read, you should also be encouraging that user to share it! The more relatable the content, the more likely it is to gain shares. The more shares a page or post has, the more views (and potential leads) you get on your website! It’s truly a win-win strategy.

Focus on Your Title

Your title is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of your content. Without a compelling, intriguing, and easy to understand title, you may as well just scrap the whole thing. Take your time cultivating this as it can be a BIG win for your page when created correctly.


Creating SEO copywrite is less complex that you think. The theme overall here is take your time, conduct your research, and keep your copy simple! By following these tactics, you are sure to see SEO growth in 2020 and beyond!

Have more to add to our list? Comment below and tell us what strategies you and your company utilize!


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