How To Drive Traffic To Your Website


Eager to drive more traffic to your website? It can actually be easier than you think! Keep your SEO strategies logical and simple. You’ll find the following tips and tricks will help you attain more digital traffic than you could have ever imagined.

Think About Searchers (Not Search Engines)

When people hear the term “search engine optimization”, they often think they need to do all they can to appeal to the search engine. However, it’s important to think about the actual searcher as well.

To be frank, you kill two birds with one stone here. What appeals to searchers often helps to rank in the search engines as well!

So, when trying to drive website traffic, think about what searchers would like to see. What imagery would appeal to them? What would they be typing into Google to get here? Create a website optimized for searchers, and you’ll hit the mark in the search engines as well. Everyone wins!

Use the Right Keywords

Your keywords bring in audiences far and wide. Therefore, it’s important that you use the right ones!

Remember that searchers often type in problems hoping to find the proper solutions. Think of this when typing keywords into your site. If you have the content that helps to solve their problems, you’re much more likely to draw people in. Think problem, then solution.

Keep a Consistent, Yet Worthy Blog

Having a blog is beyond important in helping to drive traffic to your website.

Yet, simply writing a blog doesn’t guarantee SEO success. Much like our featured advice above, you must use the right words and answer wanted questions in order to drive users in. In addition to this, keeping a consistent blog schedule can be extremely beneficial. Not only will you look like an expert in your field, you will be answering numerous questions commanded by searchers. Sites by WordPress actually have a built in tool to tell you how you’re doing SEO wise, and this can be quite helpful in keeping you on track.

Lastly, remember that word count counts! Users tend to prefer longer, more in-depth posts (such as Ultimate Guides). Keep this in mind when blogging!

Study Your Audiences Via Social Media

Ask questions via your social media sites. Not only is this good for growing your social pages organically, but it also helps you understand the interests of your followers a little bit better.

Encourage responses and questions through various forms of social posting. Then, take to your website to answer those questions. Direct your followers back there, and viola! Traffic success.

Focus on Blog Headlines

For most people, headlines are the first thing someone will notice about a blog. It leads people to either stop or continue reading. Therefore, the answer is simple! Focus on crafting a clever headline and let the rest follow. As we’ve stated previously, think about the searchers and what they would be asking!

Another reason why blog headlines are important is share-ability. Think about it. How often do you click content from another user based on a headline? Exactly. Keeping these strong and inticing only helps make your SEO that much stronger.


Driving more website traffic isn’t as difficult of a task as you might think. By following our tools and techniques, you could be among the top ranking websites in your field!

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