NewStyle Digital Featured in NeoReef’s 9 Popular Web Design Trends to Avoid in 2019


NewStyle Digital was featured in NeoReef’s article, “9 Popular Web Design Trends To Avoid in 2019.”  Read the original article HERE.

NewStyle Digital was featured in this article for our original blog post, “5 Ways the ‘Hamburger Menu’ Navigation Kills Website User Experience.”

“Known as the ‘hamburger menu’, the collapsible menu with three horizontal lines can be a blessing and a curse to the digital world, depending on the application in which it is used. The hamburger menu is one of the website design trends of 2017 that has been a setback to an ideal UX design. In a mobile application or mobile website design, the hamburger menu is a major breakthrough for User Experience (UX). However, the hamburger menu integrated into a desktop website design is one of the biggest mistakes in regards to user experience.”


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