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NewStyle Digital Unveils New Website for Next Level Performance Center


NewStyle Digital has just launched the new website for one of the most premier equestrian facilities: Next Level Performance Center. Based out of Wellington and Davie, FL, Next Level Performance Center is a private boutique equestrian facility for dressage and show jumping clientele. The state-of-the-art equestrian facility is packed with only the most premium equipment, amenities, and features any equestrian could only dream of. Within the center is a luxury clubhouse outfitted with amenities to make clients feel at home. Next Level Performance Center is also home to Sonata MF: the country’s top 6-year-old in the country in 2021.

The newly launched website project brings the image of the brand’s physical assets into the digital world. The website’s minimalistic and modern appearance is only the tip of the iceberg. The backend of the website features custom features that allow the website’s management team to add, modify, or delete horses or horse information in a few button clicks to make the management of sale horses easy and scalable. The fully responsive design is simplistic and cutting-edge, while maintaining a luxurious and crisp feel.

“We styled the website with a black and white theme to produce the look that we were after, as well as utilizing dark negative space to create and airy sense of mystery and exclusivity that represents the brand”, said NewStyle Digital president, Aaron Taylor. “Sometimes the best way to make something ‘pop’ is not to add chaos, but to remove it.”

The project can be viewed by visiting the Next Level Performance Project, and the live website can be found at https://nlpc.co.



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