NewStyle Digital Uses Intelligent Data-Driven Advertising to Soar Client Revenues


NewStyle Digital connects brands to customers more effectively using data.

Known for its tactical advertising style, NewStyle Digital in West Palm Beach, Florida has seen client revenues soar from its intelligent and data-driven advertising methods. Competing in the saturated world of ad agencies, NewStyle Digital separates itself by using intelligent and technical data to make the most critical decisions for itself and its clients. Backing the tagline ‘We Bring The Ruckus,’ the agency’s menacing aura is matched only by its attention to detail.

The agency believes that by harnessing the power of data, smarter decisions can be made, down to the finest details of a company’s presence. Using a formulation of data integrations, tools, and meticulous research, NewStyle Digital makes advertising decisions simple and explosively effective. From analyzing a brand’s assets to who it targets with its ads, the agency’s collective data plays a major role in how things are done, and its clients are seeing the benefits.

“We’re in the business of connecting our clients to customers, and every detail of who those customers are makes a world of difference. When we’re working on a client campaign, we want to be able to target and appeal to that customer in an exact fashion,” said NewStyle Digital President, Aaron Taylor. “Most agencies only want to learn basic demographics of your customers; we want to know what kind of cologne they wear.”

Since its inception in 2016, NewStyle Digital has seen revenues double year-after-year as an effect of soaring client revenues. With a lifetime client retention rate of 92%, the agency has proven it can captain its client’s advertising campaigns and exceed expectations.

About NewStyle Digital:

NewStyle Digital is an intelligence-driven website design and digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach, FL focused on results. Specializing in a modern and cutting-edge approach to digital marketing, NewStyle Digital is constantly learning and refining their digital strategies and tactics to ensure deployment of the most effective digital marketing and development services for their clients

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