Equestrian Marketing

Marketing designed specifically for the equestrian industry. Build your name, brand, products, tack store, or client base and grow quicker and stronger than ever before!

  • Professional brand management for market placement.
  • Sell equestrian products and services instantly online.
  • State-of-the-art publications and equestrian public relations.
  • Boost your brand awareness through all channels.
  • Increase website visitors, social media follows, and be heard.

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Equestrian Branding

Every equestrian brand needs proper branding, which includes a brand package. These elements are the identifiers that set your brand apart from the rest. We create and design full brand packages that keep your brand looking fresh, modern, and consistent. 

A brand package is the beginning phase of marketing your equestrian brand. Without a proper branding structure, you are displaying a sign of uncertainty to your customers and followers. Create or refresh your brand identity with industry professionals today!

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Equestrian Logo Design

A logo should reflect the image that your brand is trying to portray. From cutting-edge to contemporary designs, logos can come in all shapes, styles, sizes, and colors. In order to avoid copyright issues, brand confusion, and to set your brand apart from your competition, having a custom-made logo is essential to your brand’s survival.

We create amazing custom logos for equestrian companies and brands. We ensure that our designs match the feel and idea behind what your company or brand represents. We create custom fonts, icons, colors, and textures that can only be imitated and never duplicated. Our designs are 100% custom and we never use pre-made templates.

The logos we design are always in high resolution and come in a package containing a variety of formats, colors, and variations. We provide logo formats that can be put on business cards, print ads, car wraps, or printed on the side of a Boeing 747 without looking blurry, fuzzy, or pixelated. Let us design the perfect logo for your brand!

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Equestrian Print Ads

Are you looking to promote your equestrian brand using print advertising? Published print marketing is a great tool for marketing a brand. Put your best foot forward by hiring a trusted creative agency to design your customized print advertisements.

We provide our equestrian clients with modern and high resolution print advertisements for magazines, brochures, articles, marketing materials, and more. Our print advertisement services are always done in high quality with creativity and brand imagery in mind.

Let us design your print advertisments to stun audiences and leave them wanting more. Our advertisments have been published with organizations such as The Chronicle of the Horse, The Plaid Horse, IHSA, FEI, Winter Equestrian Festival, and many more!

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Equestrian Web Design

We design breathtaking websites for equestrians, brands, products, and tack shops. We set the stage to impress your viewers, while building your online presence and brand value. Gorgeous and elegant website designs that are customized to the client.

Not only are our website designs visually captivating, but they are built for performance. From increasing productivity to ranking in search engine results, our performance-driven website designs are second-to-none. The quality, customization, and performance abilities within our website design services are obvious upon viewing the work we have done for our clients.

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Equine ECommerce

Are you an equestrian tack shop or brand trying to sell your products online? We provide our equestrian clients with the perfect selling solutions to fit their needs. We create customized e-commerce platforms that allow you to sell your products easily and efficiently. We keep your customers engaged and coming back for your products!

Selling products to customers online is an art-form. There is a methodology behind creating an amazing sales platform that will not only produce sales, but will also increase user engagement through beautiful, modern designs and easy-to-navigate layouts. Our e-commerce designs are always friendly on all mobile devices including phones and tablets.

We understand that if your online store and products are not ranking in online search results, then you are losing a majority of potential customers! Our e-commerce website designs are coded and customized to dominate search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We design beautiful e-commerce websites that bring in new customers and keep your current customers coming back regularly! Leave your competition in the dust!

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Dominant SEO

In the world of digital marketing, your search ranking means everything. Your brand, sales, and well-being depend on the ranking of your website in search engines. If you aren’t ranking in the search engines, then you are losing out on valuable traffic, sales, and potential customers. 

The difference in sales percentages between a #1 ranking site and a #2 ranking site is 50%. This is a huge number in sales dollars, and could change your business. It is also true that over 70% of people searching for something on the internet do not look beyond the 1st page of the search results. If you aren’t on page 1, you’re losing. Get started ranking your website today!

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Equestrian Public Relations

We represent, market, and promote equestrians from all walks of life. From amateur equestrians to the world’s top showjumpers, eventers, and polo players. Being an athlete is tough, and if you’re trying to take yourself to the next level you are going to need promotion. 

Marketing for equestrians is very precise and tactical. When it comes to equestrian public relations, there are no second chances. Proper marketing of equestrian athletes can lead to increased name value, sponsorships, connections, awareness, and take you to places that you never could have imagined. Concentrate on riding, and let us take care of the rest.

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Market Your Products

Market your equestrian products like a professional. Give your prospective clients the push that they need to purchase your products. Provide them with the right information in the right places, and watch your sales grow! 

No matter what kind of equestrian products you are trying to market, we can do it all. Anyone can “physically” sell items online, but actually “selling” them are two completely different tasks. We provide you with a customized solution to ensure that your products get the best exposure to the right people at the right time.

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Case Study | PassioneQ

PassioneQ is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Parlanti equestrian riding boots. Parlanti boots were first introduced to the US market in 2010 and were most sold at local events and were considered an ‘underground’ brand for many years. With the help of our relentless marketing efforts, we were able to push PassioneQ and Parlanti boots to the top of the market. Today, they are one of the most highly regarded and well-respected brands in the equestrian world.


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Online Sales
Yearly Website Visitors

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