Simple Ways To Increase Your Instagram Engagement


Instagram engagement is measured based on how the public interacts with your posted content. Yet, Instagram’s algorithm is always changing. To keep up with the potential changes that lie ahead, read on for some simple to follow methods!

Metrics For Measurement

Before we tell you how to bump up that engagement, here are some useful metrics you can use to analyze your results;

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Followers
  • Profile Visits
  • Website Clicks

Know Your Audience

In any type of digital or social media marketing, it’s crucial that you know your audience. Our advice? Track your audiences metrics using Instagram insights. This will tell you if you are more likely to be seen by women or men. Plus, it will also tell you the time of day your followers engage with your account. All of this knowledge can be crucial in deciding when and what to post.

Post Regularly

There is a balancing act when it comes to Instagram posting. You want to post often enough that you remain relevant, but not so often that you annoy your followers. Create a content calendar to make sure you keep a routine schedule. This will also help you test what time of day would be best for posting. Studies show that normal business accounts post approximately five to seven times per week. Do with that what you will!

Be Social

How ironic right? We actually want you to be social on your social media!

Talk to your followers and assist them in talking with you. It’s important users feel comfortable enough to interact with your content. Encourage questions and feedback through the IG story feature, and regular posting. Remember that not every post you make needs to be promotional; it’s okay to keep it light and fun some of the time. Polls and Feedback Friday’s are always a great way to help up your Instagram engagement.

Focus on the Caption

Thinking about skipping out on a caption? Try again.

Captions are a great way to further your engagement efforts. They show off the fun, creative side to your business.

Overall, you have 2,200 characters allotted per caption. But, remember, sometimes less is more.

Keeping a caption short and sweet can often be quite useful. Opt for emojis instead of words when you can, and post open ended questions to make way for commented answers.

Play a Game of Tag

You heard right! Engage in a friendly game of tag with fellow businesses and followers. This is sure to catch the attention of the person you are tagging. Plus, if you are reposting an image, this shows that you understand the need for credit mentions (which goes a long way). It’s simple, yet incredible effective.

To take it a step further, encourage your followers to tag users in your daily posting. You can also use geotags to help people find your company via location.

Stay Up to Date

What’s in? What’s out? It’s important that you recognize what’s trending in order to keep your posting style relevant. Staying up to date with news and pop culture shows others that your business knows what’s happening, and is at the top of its’ game.

Get Creative

Instagram is a visual platform. Treat it as such!

Get creative with the type of imagery you use. Try to keep a consistent (and authentic) look throughout your profile. Use professional imagery AND user-generated content to appeal to both the professional and personal side of your company.

Think Emotionally

In addition to getting creative, increasing your instagram engagement requires you to think emotionally.

People don’t come to Instagram for facts and statistics. They come for the personal touch. So, be sure you think of what would appeal to your followers emotions when posting. We encourage using content like quotes, polls, and of course, plenty of emojis! Keep your company’s overall tone in mind when creating this content as well.

Utilize the Instagram Story Feature

Did you know that brands post an average of 2.5 Instagram stories each week?

Stories are a great way to stay connected to your user without “over posting.” They also tend to be a little bit lighter than most normal IG posts, so you can really get personal here! Show the office life through behind the scene footage, or re-post content that you love and identify with. You really can’t go wrong here. Plus, it can be such a creative and fun feature.


Increasing your Instagram engagement has never been quite so easy, am I right? Be sure to remember to switch your IG account to a business profile rather than a personal one. After doing this, you’re good to go!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Share them below!

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