Skip DIY: Leave Web Designing to the Pros.


DIY projects have their place in the world….but web design isn’t one of them. Designing is so much more than putting a layout together. If you want to have both a creative AND functional website, we’d leave that to the pros. Here’s why!

First Impressions

Hello Google! Yes, we all do it. We want to know about a company, so we Google them, hence finding their website. Sure, you could skip out on hiring a designer, but it’ll cost you! According to Entrepreneur.com, websites are the business cards of the digital age. If mistakes get made, it’s out there for everyone to see! Without being an expert in this field it’s very hard to get it ALL right. Take out any room for error and skip this do it yourself project. Trust us when we say, designing isn’t easy-especially when attempted alone.

The Back End Is Just As Important

There’s the part of a website that people see, and then there’s the back end. The back end is where all the coding and “behind the scenes” work takes place. DIY layouts simply don’t offer the building blocks or training needed to build a substantial business website. Coding, SEO implementation, and exterior functionality all go into designing a website. Can you honestly say you know how to accomplish all 3 of those things PERFECTLY? If the answer is no (which it most likely is), cut your losses! It’s not worth “saving” your money. It’ll cost you in the end.

Must Go Mobile

When you think about search engines and websites, do you think desktop or iPhone?

For most of us, we search things on the go. Hence, the need for a highly functional mobile website. This step is a huge part of web design and can’t be overlooked in 2020. This is not a task for the “do it yourselfer”. Making a website mobile is basically making a whole new website ON TOP of the one you’ve already built.

Sadly, we’re not kidding. Mobile websites require new image sizes and font sizes or spacing to make it legible. Double the work-double the expertise. Lucky for you, our team here at NewStyle Digital builds some outrageous mobile layouts.

You Can’t Force Creativity

Now don’t get us wrong! We’re not saying your NOT creative, but we’re also not saying you are.

See truth be told, there are some awesome websites out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re functional. On the flip side, there are functional websites that are outright boring! It takes a true artist to know how to blend the two elements.

To keep it real with you, DIY website layouts just don’t cut it. They don’t often allow for “thinking outside the box”, which is obviously, a real requirement when designing! Web designers can bring in tools, elements, and skills that the average DIY designer can’t. Those are just the facts of the matter.

You gotta spend money to make money. So, if you want a top of line site, hire a top of the line design team to get the job done.

Fast and the Furious

People just don’t have the patience they used to anymore.

For example, did you know the average attention span is only about 8 seconds. If your site runs slowly, then the odds aren’t very good for your business. Since, 40% of your incoming traffic will give up after 3 seconds of loading time, take this step seriously! Find a designer who knows how to speed things up. This often involves optimizing your websites code, enabling file compression, and inputting SEO tactics.

Designers know how to get a site to run quickly and efficiently. Can you say the same for you?


There you have it! DIY website design is just NOT an endeavor you should place upon yourself. If you’re looking for a website that can give off a great first impression, fill out our contact form today! We’d be happy to help build you an all star site.

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