Social Media Management: What To Do in a Crisis


Nobody could have predicted the effect that COVID-19 would have on all of us. However, luckily for you, we’re here to help you get through this time of crisis!

From the social media management side, there are several steps you can take to form effective communication with your consumers during this unprecedented time. Read on below to find out what they are!

Stick To One Accurate Source

When posting information on your social channels, stick to one accurate source.

There can be lots of false information spread during any crisis, and COVID-19 is no different. Pick a news source (preferably as non-biased as possible) and only use this to post information on your platforms from now. In addition, make sure you fact check EVERYTHING before posting. These tips work for any crisis, so keep this in mind during times of uncertainty even past COVID-19.

Post Actively

Don’t use this time of slowness to step back. Keep your presence known via your social media channels.

Post often! In addition, be mindful of how you post. Be careful when using times of crisis for promotion, as it can send the wrong message sometimes to consumers. Keep posting light, yet accurate content and remind your followers you are still here for them! It’s okay to reiterate your products every now and again as long as you are careful with your call to action (CTA). Make sure your promotional posts are spread out from your lighter/more informative content. Then, you should be good to go!

Check DMs and Comments

You’ll want to take this time of uncertainty to engage with your followers as much as possible. Check your DMs and comments daily, and most importantly, respond! Even if you can’t give an accurate timeline of things, let your consumers know you are available and eager to get back to normal business! It’s okay not to have all the answers, but it’s NOT okay not to respond.

As with postings, keep things positive, light, and professional all in one. Yes, we promise it’s possible.

Don’t Ignore What’s Going On Around You

One of the main things we can tell you NOT to do in a crisis is to ignore what’s directly in front of you. By not acknowledging that there is a problem (whether personal, global, etc.) you automatically send off the wrong message.

It’s completely fine not to talk about the issue itself always, but it’s a whole other story to NEVER mention it. Mention what’s going around you, how it’s impacting your company, and what the next few steps are. By doing this, you present yourself as a much more transparent and honest company. What could be better than that, right?


Things happen. We can’t always predict what the next steps will be. However, with the proper planning and response, we can keep our business in place! Use social media management to your advantage. Take our advice and you should be setting yourself up for success.

Have questions? That’s what we’re here for! Contact us today for more crisis social media management guidance. We’d love to help out in any way possible.

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