design mistakes in branding and web design

The 5 Biggest Design Errors to Avoid in Branding & Web Design

Design is an art form. However, if you’re not following the right trends, your marketing project could fall flat.

Hoping to understand what design errors you can avoid making in branding and web design? If so, you’ve come to the right place!


Overuse Of Color

Color is HUGE piece of design. Yet, you have to be careful with how much of it you exude.

An overuse of color is a big eyesore when it comes to design pieces. You want to have just enough of a pop that you grab a user’s attention, but not so much that they become distracted. We recommend using no more than 3 central colors. (Trust us, it’s plenty!)

What colors are best you may ask? The colors of your business of course! If you have select colors make sure to utilize these moving forward.


Inappropriate Type Faces And Sizes

In addition to an overuse of color, another way you can distract viewers is with inappropriate type faces and sizes.

When it comes to designing, use everything in moderation. The amount and style of text you use is no different. For instance, if you look at any of the pages on the NewStyle Digital website, you’ll find our font to be cohesive. We’re not saying you need to use just one style, but try not to use any more than 3. (Yes, 3 is your lucky number here.) You can use a set style for titles, subheadings, and paragraphs. Just make sure you are using different forms of the same styles, rather than all new styles together. (Keep serifs with serifs, scripts with scripts, etc.)

With design, size does matter. Don’t jumble up your sizing too much. Keep things as uniformed as you can when possible! It’s perfectly okay for a heading, or emphasized phrase to be slightly bigger. Just don’t go overboard!



The next item on our set of don’ts is plagiarism. Just don’t do it…. ever!

Plagiarism can get you in a heap of trouble. While it’s okay to look at others for inspiration, it’s not okay to copy. Find works of art and design that you admire, THEN put your own twist on it. As long as your interpretation is different, no harm, no fowl.

The best way to avoid plagiarizing is by individually designing your work, or hiring an experienced designer to do so for you. While templates are a great starting point, they don’t offer much individuality, leaving more room to compromise another business.


Distracting Headers or Footers

Focus on the word distracting. You’ll find it as a common theme for all of our mentioned design flaws.

Headers and footers are a part of web design. However, you don’t typically want them to be the focal point of your work. You should want your users to read the important information on the site you’ve created and see the hard work you put into your graphics.

Keep the headers and footers simple! They should mearly be a place to store necessary logos and contact information.


No Chunking

Failure to chunk content is a big no no in the design world.

Chunking allows your design to flow in proper hierarchy. Fail to acknowledge it and you’ve set yourself up for disaster before you’ve even begun. You can avoid this by drawing out your design first! Make a list of the most important elements and decide which way is best to line them up. If you don’t “chunk” your content can be incredible hard to decipher or understand.



In conclusion, think before you design. Always put pen to paper first before getting anywhere near a computer. Follow our 5 golden DO NOT DO rules, and you should be set!

For more information on how we can help you design the best website or branding material, contact us today!



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