The SEO Questions You’ve Always Wanted Answered


Search Engine Optimization, or in other words, SEO.

If that’s pretty much all you know about the subject, you’re not alone! The process of SEO can be a tricky one to grasp at first and most people tend to ask the same questions.

We’ve decided to make it a little easier on you. We’re giving away the answers to the most commonly asked SEO questions. So, let’s begin.

What is it?

Search Engine Optimization refers to the strategy that helps your website have higher rank and visibility in the search engines. The goal with SEO is that when a consumer goes to type in a product or brand that is similar to what you’re selling, you’ll be the top result.

Think about it. How often do you ever really look past the first page of Google? That’s what I thought. The demand for SEO has grown drastically over the past five years, and it isn’t hard to get why!

What is a Meta-Description?

meta description

A meta-description is the line of text that is shown underneath your ad. It is meant to provide a little snippet in to what you’re about to read about on the desired page.

While meta-descriptions aren’t everything, you should write them when possible. Your reader is much more likely to click on an ad with a well-written, simple meta description than one without.

Am I Using Enough Keywords?

First things first, there is no RIGHT amount of keywords. However, there is an overload of keywords, also referred to as keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing can actually affect for your ads for the worse, rather than the better. So, be sure you are keeping it simple. Keep your reader in mind and only use the keywords you think they will identify with and search for. I’d be less worried about using “enough” keywords, and more focused on making the ones you do use as strong as possible.

Internal vs. Inbound and Outbound Links?

Internal links refer to linking pages from your own site back to your own pages or posts. For example, us linking back to our marketing page here, is an internal link. This can be an extremely beneficial SEO tactic and we encourage using it when it comes to writing blog posts.

Inbound links, on the other hand, are other websites that link to your content. On the flip side, outbound links refers to the links you use that site other pages. Using outbound links helps to form credibility in your posting, and get your name out there to others (as businesses can see when you’ve linked back to them). Don’t skip using these! Small changes add up to BIG results. However, much like keywords, be weary of adding too much, as this can also mess with your ranking result.

Should I Hire Someone To Do My SEO?

This is merely a matter of preference. If you know in your heart you’re not committed to taking the time to learning proper SEO techniques, we’d leave it to the pros. After all, if you aren’t working in digital marketing, it’s perfectly understandable why you wouldn’t know (or even care) about this process.

The decision is going to be based on this one phrase, “I’ll get out what I put in.” SEO only works when done properly, so whether it’s you or a professional, make sure the person knows what they’re doing!

How Long Before I See Results?

The answer to the question above is based on several factors. How much content have you created? Are you monitoring results regularly and making edits where needed? Is the quality of copy lacking? So on, and so forth.

There is no exact time frame, but your ads should start running smoothly within the first week of starting them. If you’re not noticing results past the “learning” phase, it may be time to switch up the technique a bit. For this reason, we advise keeping a steady eye on your analytics whenever possible.


In conclusion, getting your business out there is relatively simple thanks to SEO. If you don’t feel quite comfortable pursuing this avenue on your own, consider contacting us! We’d love to get your business the visibility it deserves.

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