The Top Do’s and Don’ts in Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s important to know what you should and should NOT be doing. Avoid common mistakes, and improve your strategy by reading our tips below!

Do Post a Variety of Media

Tired of just posting one type of content? Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Studies have shown that users find videos and infographics particularly engaging on social media pages. Plus, using imagery doesn’t always just mean capturing a photo yourself. Challenge yourself by creating new graphics in Photoshop, or grabbing a piece of user-generated content! You can always fall back on quality royalty free stock imagery and video as well!

Don’t Ignore Comments or Questions

This seems pretty self-explanatory, however, you’d be surprised how often people miss this necessary step. You can’t ignore your comments, questions, DMs, etc. If you do, it will put you in a vulnerable position, as the user may lose trust in you and your brand. Make sure to set a reminder for yourself to check these every few days, if not daily!

Do Find the Best Times of Day to Post

While there is no exact science to social media timing, you can (and should) look back at your previous post analytics. If you find that posts around a certain time get more likes, you may want to stick with it, as that’s when it’s common for your users to be online.

Don’t Spam

It’s important to remain active and consistent on your social profiles, but you don’t want to spam your users. Stick to one post a day if possible. While there will always be exceptions to this rule, you don’t want to bombard your followers will unnecessary content. Stick to quality over quantity.

Do Use Spellcheck

Now, this is a big one. You can’t expect to be taken seriously if you have misspelled words, or improper grammar in your sentences. Whether you download a program, or having several friends or co-workers read your content, be sure you have a way to spellcheck yourself before sending out any messages.

Don’t Feel That You Have To Be on Every Network.

Maintaining an active social presence is crucial, but it’s okay to focus your efforts on the platforms you know your users are using! Do some research as platform preference varies depending on age, interest, and more!

Do Tag Others

We can’t stress it enough, engagement, engagement, engagement. Using user-generated content, and tagging people in photos, captions, stories, etc. can be huge! Be sure to work on tagging users when you think of engagement opportunities.

Don’t Excessively Use Hashtags

Hashtags can be helpful, but too much of anything is not a good thing. Your content can come off as spammy when it has loads of hashtags attached. Keep it simple, clean, and effective. Only use hashtags that have the utmost relevancy to your post and/or brand.

The Takeaway

Social media marketing can be a highly effective strategy when used appropriately. Start out by following these helpful social media marketing do’s and don’ts and you should be in good shape!

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