The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Your ROAS with Facebook Advertising


With over 2.07 billion active users worldwide, Facebook has become the ultimate one stop shop for serious advertisers. Yet, with so many options and resources available, it can be tricky to truly make sense of it all. In this blog we’ll break down the necessary tools and tips you’ll need to boost your ROAS through Facebook advertising.


Before we get into the “how”, you must first learn the “why”. The truth is, Facebook has quickly become one of the premier advertising locations, and it isn’t hard to see why. While it may be difficult to understand at first, Facebook does provide tons of different options to suit the needs of any business. From custom audiences, to detailed targeting, to bid strategy, the possibilities are endless. Plus, when it comes to the efficiency and success of advertising on Facebook, the numbers don’t lie.

To begin, the average Facebook user clicks on approximately 11 ads per month! I don’t know about you, but we like those odds. In addition, it’s estimated that 74% of high income earners are active Facebook users. That leaves a pretty good chance that someone on that site is looking to buy what you’re selling (depending on the product of course!) . Lastly, over 90 million small businesses are already using Facebook, and that number isn’t decreasing anytime soon.

While we could go on and on about the importance and success rate of Facebook advertising, we’ll spare you the details and get right into the HOW. Below is our advice on how you can increase your ROAS.

Use Lookalike Audiences

If you’re running ads on Facebook and you’re not taking advantage of lookalike audiences (LAL), now is the time to start. A lookalike audience is an audience created by Facebook based on previous people who have taken action on your ad. This means that Facebook is able to find people similar to your past customers and target them in an effort to help increase ROAS on your ad even further. The best part is, you don’t just have to have one lookalike audience and to be honest, we recommend having several. Test out a variety of different lookalike audiences based on WHERE you are targeting from and the PERCENTAGE you want to target. For example, you don’t just have to create a LAL based on who interacted with your ad. You can create one based on who likes your social postings, who hits add to cart on your website, and even more. Find out what works for you and go with it. You can also target an audience by the percentage of how much they look like a previous audience. Don’t overthink this. Once you set this up in Facebook, it all becomes clear to understand.

Don’t Be Afraid to Exclude

If you’ve ever set up a custom audience (which we highly recommend utilizing), you’ve probably seen the exclude button. By failing to exclude certain audiences, you end up wasting more money than you may realize. For instance, it would be a waste of money to show your ad to people who have already purchased. But, don’t worry! Facebook gives you an option that can exclude certain audiences from seeing you ad. That way, you can be sure only the RIGHT targets are getting hit with your advertisements. In addition to excluding, you can also INCLUDE people of a certain audience that you want to know will see your ad. Once you get the hang of this, it’s really a useful tool.

Use a Variation of Images and Copy

Here at NewStyle Digital, we believe in the power of variety! Think about it, do you really want to see the same ad over and over again? Even for a brand I like, I wouldn’t want to see that. Keeping a variety of the same ad through different uses of copy and images makes for the ultimate success. The beauty of this strategy is Facebook makes it easy to do! You can write a variation of headlines and copy on the same version of one ad. Plus, when using different imagery,  you can run numerous different ads in one ad set. Talk about simple! Our biggest tip is to keep these things basic. Make sure your copy is easy to understand for the general public, and remember, images with too much text won’t be accepted!

Test Everything and Monitor Results

Now, if you listen to NOTHING else from what we tell you, listen to this subheading. One of the biggest pieces of advice we can offer you is to test everything and monitor your results! Test everything in targeting from ages, to gender, to locations, to placements, and more. You’ve got to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. This means, you’ll need to try a number of different strategies to find your ideal target audience. Once you’ve created a variety of targeting strategies, be sure to analyze your results often. Don’t wait weeks on end to check your ad to notice it is or is not doing well. Keep up to date on what is or is not working. This way, when you go to change, turn off, or create more ads, you’ll have the proper evidence to go off.

Turn Off Unprofitable Ads

Yes, you read that right. Have you ever heard the expression, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Well, on the flip side of that argument, if it isn’t working, move on. It’s very important to understand that ads take time and Facebook has a learning period, which you must take into play. Give your ad a couple days to find its proper audience. If after a weeks time you notice little to no ROAS, it’s time to reevaluate. Anything below a 2.0 is just unacceptable. However, look at the overall big picture of an ad rather than just a day by day picture. Some days will provide a heftier return than others, and that’s okay! Get the big picture then turn off or make changes where need be.

Focus on Your Landing Page

If your landing page is not aesthetic to look at or easy to maneuver, you’ll lose a customers’ interest-guaranteed. While we could go off forever on this subject, we’ll say this one bit. Take the time to cultivate a well-designed landing page. Test and track the data coming from your page (perhaps through Google Analytics), and viola, success! Since landing pages can be tricky, consult an experienced web-designer for guidance when needed.

Final Thoughts

Facebook advertising is a marvel and can do wonders for your business when handled properly. We hope this ultimate guide has given you some new tools to help increase your ROAS. For more tips and tricks, visit our fellow blog posts here!

Did you think of something we didn’t? If so, comment below and tell us what we’re missing!

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