Tired of Scam Emails? Drive Scammers Nuts With This Cool New Trick


For the technologically savvy, email scammers can be spotted from a mile away, and their tactics can be labeled as “subpar” at best. Regardless of how many of these scammers you filter into your junk box, there will always be another Indian Prince who’s generous enough to split the $50,000,000 that his father left him in exchange for the $25,000 that he needs right now to have the money released. These Indian Princes seem like very genuine and giving people, and today I’m going to show you a super cool new trick that you can use to help pay them back for their outstanding acts of kindness.


An internet security company called Netsafe has released a new software called RESCAM. RESCAM is newly released software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive email scammers completely bonkers. All you do is forward scam emails to me@rescam.org and the artificial intelligence system takes control of the conversation. The AI robot will respond and interact with the scammer and keep the conversation going on for hours, days, or even weeks — all while completely wasting the scammer’s precious time. The AI robots will produce a never-ending supply of endless questions and anecdotes, driving the scammer up a wall and wasting his time. The thought process behind this piece of genius software is that the scammers will have less time to target real people if they’re being led on for days or weeks by an automated Artificial Intelligence response system.


So how do you use it?


It’s simple! The next time you get a scam email, just forward the email to me@rescam.org. That’s all! From that point, the RESCAM Artificial Intelligence System will take over the conversation.

If you want to see the AI system in action, take a look at rescam.org and browse through their email thread examples!


Remember to be kind and thank the next Indian Prince who offers to split his father’s fortune with you by giving him a new friend!


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