Why You Should Choose WordPress


With so many choices out there, it can be hard to narrow down which platform would be the right choice for your company website. By clicking on the title of this article, you already know our vote. In our professional opinion, WordPress is the perfect platform to utilize when trying to create a successful, well-designed, high-functioning company site.

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Before we tell you the WHY behind our opinion, it’s important that you know which version of the site we are referring to. In our case, and throughout the references in this blog post, we are referring to the benefits behind WordPress.org. While there are similarities between the dot com and the dot org versions, we believe the dot org option to be far superior and less limited in it’s capabilities. For an in-depth explanation on the differences between the two, click here.


Yes, you read that correctly. WordPress.org is a free software, meaning it is fully free to download and use. That being said, you will have to pay for a domain name if you’d like something specific. But, never fear! There are tons of low cost options out there that still provide the opportunity to get the perfect web name for you and your business.

Easy To Use

Designing a website can be complex, and we believe in keeping it as clean and simple of a process as possible. A large percentage of people who use WordPress are NOT web-designers, meaning the platform is entirely user-friendly to non-experts. There are TONS of free layout templates to choose from, and customizing them to meet your preference is a piece of cake. No coding is required to edit/design the front end of a WordPress site, and trust us when we say, that makes a big different.

Not only is it simple to create and customize a site on WordPress, it’s also incredibly simple to make updates. You may not realize how important this is now, but trust us when we say design trends change quickly. In order to keep up with the latest trends and techniques, you’ll want a site that allots for easy updates.

In addition to the platform being user-friendly, it’s also extremely versatile-giving a designer a wide range of ideas and capabilities. Blanking on the next step? Believe us when we tell you, WordPress will provide it to you.

SEO Friendly

The high quality code behind WordPress makes Google and other search engines go absolutely wild. In other words, the site is VERY SEO-friendly. So, what does this mean exactly? It makes it more likely that you’ll end up in the top of the search results. Plus, WordPress offers different plugins and features to further advance its SEO capabilities.

In addition, WordPress sites are compatible mobilly AND work with any internet browser out there.

Media Versatility

Text is NOT enough to get by in today’s day and age. In order to have a well-designed website, you’ll need a hosting service that will let you use multiple types of media. Luckily for you, you’ve found it! WordPress accepts it all from images, to audio, to video files. Plus, it’s even possible to embed media based URLs into its’ post editor. Talk about endless possibilities!


When it comes to working online, we can’t underestimate the importance of safety and security. Since WordPress is such a heavily used platform, they know how to protect themselves against the hackers of the world. If you choose to utilize this platform, you can trust that you’re in good hands. However, if you’d like to ensure you’re following all the right steps to staying safe, click here.

To give you a little more detail, we’ll share the highlights with you. Not only does WordPress offer regular updates to ensure that the top safety features are enabled, it also offers a strong monitor for malware. Plus, when it comes to security efforts, there are numerous FREE plugins that can help you keep your site safe and secure at all times with the simple click of a button. Sound like a good deal? Yeah, we thought so too.

Social Media Integration

It’s no secret that there is GREAT power in social media marketing. Luckily for you, WordPress allows you to post to multiple social platforms all from one place! All you need to do is install the proper plugin, and viola! Your social is officially connected. WordPress makes it easy to have a one stop shop to all things online for your business, and it’s pretty evident in this capability.


We hope you can see why WordPress is so near and dear to our heart here at NewStyle Digital. Between it’s easy to use mechanics, SEO compatibility, security additions, and it’s social media compatibility, it’s hard to say no to using this efficient platform.

Have questions on how we continue to design the best websites in West Palm Beach? If so, contact us today to find out (and potentially get started)!

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