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Why Your Google Ads Aren’t Working

Not seeing the results you were hoping for from Google Ads? It can be frustrating to say the least. However, there are a large number of reasons for why this could be occurring. Before you give up entirely, take our advice into consideration. Google Ads (when done properly) can be an extremely helpful outlet for your business. Yet, it’s easy to slip up! Watch out for these common mistakes and you’re sure to get back on the right track!

Payment Issues

Advertisers will often set up automatic payments when it comes to ads. This way, each month a certain amount is automatically taken out of your account and put toward your advertisement. Seems smart right? Well, not always!

We’re not telling you NOT to go with this tactic, but we are telling you to be careful with it and check on things often. In order for your transaction to run smoothly, you need to have valid card information in the system. Be sure you update your information should you switch or get a new credit card. If a card gets declined, or expires, your ads will no longer run and hence, won’t be seen. Automatic payments can be helpful, but be sure you check in every so often just to make sure everything is running as it should!

Bidding Incorrectly

Bidding too high or too low can cause BIG issues with Google Ads. For example, if your maximum cost per click (CPC) bid you set for a certain keyword exceeds the budget you imputed, your ad will not show for that selection. Whereas, if the bid you create is too low, your ad is not shown, as it will be competing with others for that wanted search spot. It’s a good idea to keep a watchful eye on these and perhaps use bid simulators to see where you fall.

Paused or Disapproved Ads

Yet another reason to check in with your ads on Google often! There’s a chance an ad you created could be put on pause, or potentially be disapproved. You know what this means….bye bye chances of showing up in the search results!

If your ads are paused, it’s an easy fix. Simply switch them to enabled and viola, ads running again! If your ad/ads are being disapproved, review Google’s advertising policies and the ad you created. The error could come from a couple of different sources, including, issues with copyrights or trademarks, posting inappropriate political content, and much more. For a full list, click here.

Targeting Mistakes

The ability to target is a beautiful thing. However, making your audiences too narrow or too broad can greatly affect the outcome of your advertisements. Be sure to test different keywords, ages, etc. to find what works best for your business! Your advertising objective will greatly influence the way you should be targeting. If you’d like more information on this, tell us in the comments section! We’d be happy to make it a future blog post.

Scheduling Conflicts

Poorly scheduled ads have a big impact on their overall performance. Your ad schedule will greatly depend on it’s objective. For instance, if you’re optimizing for calls, be sure your ad is running when your company is open! It would make no sense (and be a waste of money) to have your ads running 24/7 if you’re only open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. On the other hand, if your optimizing for website clicks/views, your schedule will be entirely differently. Be sure to think about how best to time these ads out!

Poorly Written Copy

As Google Ads experts, we can offer you one BIG piece of advice when it comes to ad copy. Incorporate your targeted keyword! By doing this, you signal to Google that your ad is relevant among this search query.

In addition to this, be sure your ad is written simply. It needs to appeal to a general audience and get right to the point! Save the colorful adjectives and verbs for your website.

Lastly (and most obviously), watch for spelling and grammar errors! If you make this, you’ve INSTANTLY lost credibility. No pressure!

Lack of Patience

You may be wondering why we’ve added this aspect. To be honest, it’s a big problem and we felt it was important to throw this in here.

Did you know it can take up to 5 days for your Google Ad text and keywords to be approved? Don’t mess with them before this as you’re only hurting yourself! Have patience in the process. If you notice it’s been longer than 5 days and there is still no progress, than move forward with contacting a Google rep.

Poor Monitoring

Yup, we said it. It’s possible you could have poor monitoring skills.

We bring this up in nearly every blog we write because honestly, it stands true for everything! In advertising, if you don’t keep an eye on how something is performing, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You should be checking your ads and their respective results every few days if not daily! Whatever is not doing well, find out why and make the necessary changes. Whatever is doing well, optimize there.


Well, we’ve reached the end of our journey. While there are a numerous other reasons Google Ads could not work, the one’s listed above are simple fixes. If you practice these 8 vital steps, we promise you’ll see the necessary improvements.

Looking for a business to run YOUR Google Ads? We can help! Contact us today!

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