Video Marketing Benefits

The Benefits Of Using Video Marketing

We’ve written before about video marketing, and why and how it’s important in the digital world. However, this blog is different. This blog is meant to dive deeper and deeper into the benefits behind this extremely populous marketing method. If you’re not currently integrating this practice into your digital strategy, now is the time to get going. Here are some of the crucial benefits behind using video marketing.

Better Branding

Video marketing works wonders when it comes to bringing your brand to life! Not only does it provide a visual element to the mix, it also allows you to show off your team and overall tone in a way that photography and/or traditional marketing can’t.

First things first, with video, you have the ability to make your movie as custom as you want. You can choose the scenery, color theme, music, and faces that accurately represent your business and brand.

Feature individuals who convey the overall voice and value of your company for the best effect. Choose music that suites the tone of what you’re promoting and selling, and so on and so forth.  Customers tend to gravitate toward advertisements and website features that utilize videos, so take this into consideration before doubting its’ importance.

Emotional Connection

On top of building your brand, video marketing makes it much easier to connect with your audience on a more emotional level.

It’s simple. Video is the most direct human-to-human creative medium on the web. Hence, it’s ability to form connections better than any other delivery method. When people get BOTH the visual and audio component in one, it makes them more likely to watch more of your content and therefore, form a stronger connection.

In addition, video marketing also allows you to say MORE in LESS time. Think about it. Reading the about section on a company website is a lot different than watching a 2 minute video clip. Both are needed, but one often draws in the crowd. Experiment with voice-overs, music, and messages here! This is your time to REALLY convey what’s important for your business, and to do so swiftly!

Lastly, the more you post, the more your audience will trust what you’re saying. Use this strategy as an opportunity to build credibility as well as likeness.

Emerges With Other Mediums

While video marketing is useful all it’s own, it does work well with numerous other marketing components such as podcasting and social media marketing. How you may be wondering? Well, we’re about to tell you!

First things first, podcasting is an audio outlet. Yet, it’s a great place to begin before starting with video. It should help your company get used to speaking to the public in a certain tone first, while also helping to build your audience and SEO. It’s a great stepping stone on your way to the next big thing. (Hint, hint-video marketing)

Secondly, using your videos for social media marketing is just smart business. Trust us. This is one instance where it’s okay to double dip! Personalized video content on your social media just further reiterates the tone and uniformity of your brand, making it easier to form those strong bonds with your targeted audience.

Boosts SEO

We know, we know. Talking about SEO is less than fun. Lucky for you, you can boost your SEO through unique and creative practices like video marketing!

Search engines LOVE video. Did you know that over 55% of keyword searches on search results contain at least one video?

People are more likely to spend more time on a page that contains video, so you can imagine how this helps your page look in search engines. The more pages you use to put up your videos, the more success you’ll see. Try using several outlets such as your website, YouTube, and Facebook. Use the strategy of social media promotion, and viola! SEO success is definitely within your reach.


Video marketing is taking over, and the sooner you adapt, the better your chances of success become. If you don’t have the time or budget to make your own content just yet, try using sites like ArtGrid or Pexel Videos. Depending on your objective, these can be just as useful as making your own!

We hope you can now fully grasp our love and admiration for video marketing. If you have any questions on the subject, feel free to drop them down below!

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