6 Ways To Make Your Blog Better

The Top 6 Ways To Make Your Blog Better


If you’re familiar with our work, you know that we personally believe that blogging is an essential marketing strategy for a business. However, a blog alone just won’t do. You need to make your blog the very best it can be in order for it to be effective. Have no fear! We’re here to give you the top six ways to make your blog better!

If you’re looking to understand more about what a blog is, or why it’s necessary for a business, click here.

Write What You Know or What You Would Like To Know

First off, write what you know or what you would like to know.

This may come across as an obvious statement, but you’d be surprised how often people miss it. People write the best when they write what they enjoy. Therefore, sticking to what you’re already knowledgeable in OR what you’d like to learn about will help to make your overall writing better. Plus, you could be learning a new skill (and gaining potential new access to future blog post subjects) in the process. Also, not only will you enjoy what you’re writing and learning about, you will also be considered an expert in your field the more you discuss relevant topics to your industry.

Focus on Your Headline

Did you know marketing experts often recommend spending more time crafting your headline than they suggest crafting your content?

It’s true! Headlines are the initial key to gaining a strong viewing audience.

Think about it. When you go to click an article, it’s because the headline enticed you to get there. Therefore, it’s crucial that your blog’s headline convey what it needs to. Whether you choose to keep it straightforward, or make it fluffy, come up with a few options before deciding on which one works for you. There are also resources like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to help you formulate the best one.

Our advice? Google your top keyword. See what kind of blogs are already being written about the topic, and which ones are the most popular. However, NEVER copy these word for word. Use them as a source of inspiration and you’re sure to come up with a headline that is even better.

Show Off Your Personality

Your voice is what helps separates you from the rest. Use this to your advantage!

The tone in your posts should reflect the voice of your brand. If your company is known for being edgy, funny, unique, polite, etc. this should all be reflected in your writing. Not only will this make composing your blog posts more enjoyable, it’ll give your blog a competitive and personal edge-making it easier to bond with your readers.

Using personality in your writing also makes it easier to incorporate your blogs into your social media postings. Think about it. If your posting funny material on your social, but your blogs are strict to a tee, it can make it difficult to combine the two. Keep a uniformed voice on all fronts and you’ve got social promoting gold on your hands!

Make Sure it’s SEO Friendly

If you take nothing else from this article, please take this piece of advice. Your blog MUST contain SEO friendly content. Using sites like WordPress can help since they tell you what to improve on as you go along. Watch your text count, linkage, imagery, and wording. There’s a lot that goes into making a blog SEO friendly so if you’d like to see us write a separate blog all about it, drop a comment below!

Don’t Neglect Design

You may think blog posts are all about the words. However, you’d be sorely mistaken. In fact, we advise making your imagery and design one of the top priorities when it comes to blog posting, and here’s why.

Your featured image will be the first thing your reader will see. Therefore, it’s important that it’s eye catching to help draw people in. You can use tools like Canva or Photoscape to help create text overlay, borders, and more. In addition, it’s important to use imagery throughout the entirety of your blog in order to KEEP your viewers attention.  Keep in mind size limitations and the importance of naming and adding ALT TEXT to the picture you choose as well. (Hint, hint this will help with SEO!)

Post Often

Ever heard the phrase consistency is key? Well, it stands true with blog posting. If you want to keep your blog as valued source for readers, you need to post often.

Posting “often” can mean different things to different businesses. Be sure to pace yourself in the beginning. If you started writing one a week, try two. If you started writing one a month, try writing two a month, and so on and so forth. Once you get into a rhythm, it will get easier to gradually increase your posting schedule. The average recommended number of times a business should be posting an article varies depending on the size and industry. Point blank, stay on top of things and keep a uniformed posting schedule to make sure it happens regularly.


So, there you have it! Making your blogs better can begin in six simple steps. While there are obviously many other methods to help make your blog more successful, we believe these steps are a great place to begin!

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